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Today’s session was extremely fruitful and beneficial. Very professional guidance and motivation were offered & today was a milestone towards moving forward with all what I have in mind


Pillars career advising is presenting a value adding consultation in respect to career coaching. It helped identify my areas of improvement in my career,

Enas Badr

Thank you doctor rasha the most passionate and motivating person ,you really helped me to understand myself and to know my qualities, and finally to take a decision ,thank you for these helpful sessions.♥️♥️
Shaza Sekina
ثقه امانه مصداقيه فهم ده بدايه الموضوع دكتوره رشا من أفضل الاشخاص الي تقدر تثق فيهم وفي قدرتهم وقدراتهم انهم يغيرو طريقك وطريقتك لمستقبل افضل فاهمه وقادره تستوعب تحدياتك وقادره توجهك تحس بأم وصديقه واخت وشخصيه ناجحه تفيدك وتشدك للأفضل شرف ليا اني اتعامل مع حضرتك وان شاء الله تدوم
Mohamed Shafik
CEO at Seven Generation RE
Rasha aboul nasr is one of the greatest friendly life coaches, she always gives you positivity and leads you to the right path if you have any problems choosing it. she is a successful life coach doing her job with passion and love, I highly recommend Rasha for anyone facing problems with his career path.
Magdy Ramadan
Technical Sales Engineer at Caliteck
Mrs Rasha always has a positive spirit and she enlightened me big time in addition to being my supporter and motivator she helped me to set my SMART goal thank you for everything and for your beautiful heart and soul
Emmy Essam
كتير مننا في حياته بيكون عايز يعرف نفسه اكتر و يعرف هو عايز إيه من حياته و يكتشف نفسه من جديد ومن بعدها يبدأ خطوات مختلفة جديدة لتطوير حياته كلها و معاها يلاقي سعادته الحقيقية . .
Aliaa Tamamy
Thank you Rasha for this very professional course, I got to know more about myself & get more aware of the people around me. You taught me how to set a goal "a SMART" one , & work on making it come true.
Hoda Khatib

Personal Breakthrough Session helped me with not only understanding my limiting belief but also with understanding myself in a positive and healthy way

I had one of the most beneficial workshops that supplied me with skills to enhance my career as a leader. Thank you Rasha Abul Nasr for your outstanding three day workshop
Bibo Khalifa